The Himalayan Dash is a unique trans-Himalayan driving expedition from Shimla to Leh and Srinagar, covering over 3,000 Km across 5 States.

The route is carefully planned to provide an unforgettable and once in a lifetime motoring experience, with relaxed driving and adequate breaks. The itinerary is also flexible with options to drive in the full excursion to Srinagar or return from Leh. The drive allows you to gradually acclimatize while crossing some of the world’s highest motorable mountain passes.

How it Works
The Himalayan Dash is neither a race nor a rally but a motoring expedition where participants drive together in a group following convoy rules. All vehicles start together every morning and end the day at the same night halt. Adequate halts are planned in between to discuss directions, take pictures, eat food, and enjoy the holiday!

All Details Taken care of

Cougar Motorsport takes care of all details including :

  • Planning the route and itinerary to include the ‘must see’ sights
  • Road books, GPS tracks
  • Coordination of the convoy
  • Local guidance and support from experts
  • The best boarding and lodging available en-route
  • Doctor and Ambulance with medical supplies
  • Service support
  • Liaison with the local authorities for permits