We are the India representative of one of the toughest off-road motor races in the world – The Rainforest Challenge of Malaysia and have organised it in India since 2014.

Rainforest Challenge (RFC) was conceptualised and founded by Luis J.A.Wee in 1997 in Malaysia as an extreme off-road driving motorsport competition. Struggled out intensely during the monsoons over many days in rugged and unforgiving terrain, the event showcases action, drama, camaraderie and heroism. Having celebrated its silver jubilee recently, RFC is among the longest running motorsport competitions and has won accolades for being among the top 10 toughest motor races and the top 5 toughest off-road races in the world.

Rainforest Challenge India (RFC India) is part of the RFC Global Series events that are held in multiple countries across the globe. Since its launch in 2014, it has evolved into the toughest, longest, biggest and most prestigious off-road driving motorsport competitions in India. Held annually in Goa during the monsoons, its participants include the most evolved off-roaders from all parts of India who compete in specially prepared 4-wheel drive vehicles over a week to conquer multiple offroad obstacles or challenges called “Special Stages”.

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Irresponsible off-road driving has the potential to considerably impact the natural environment where it takes place. Apart from carefully planning the route to avoid any environmentally sensitive regions, Rainforest Challenge India has an environment charter that all organizers, competitors and officials are required to sign thereby committing to respect its terms.


Rainforest Challenge India has become the most prominent off-road driving motorsport competitions in India by following an extensive PR plan that has resulted in coverage by all tier 1 media publications and leading auto & sports journalists from all major media houses.

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