The Desert Dash is a unique event that combines the thrill of Motorsports with the luxury of fine, hand-picked hotels in Rajasthan.
No previous motorsport experience is required to participate in The Desert Dash. The entire event is care-fully designed to give participants the thrill of driving off-the-beaten track. The focus is on trying an entirely new experience, competing with like-minded people and having fun.

The Desert Dash is an invitation-only event with a limited number of participants. It is open to select car owners with premium street legal vehicles:

  • Both 4WD and 2WD vehicles allowed
  • Off-road test for vehicles with 4WD capability
  • 2WD sedans and SUVs compete in a separate group

How it Works
The Desert Dash is a Time Speed Distance rally that comprises a set of instructions specifying a route to travel, and a speed at which to travel. A team, consisting of a driver and a navigator, attempts to travel the specified route at exactly the specified speeds. The Desert Dash is not a race. Traveling too fast results in penalties as does traveling too slowly. Arriving too early at a checkpoint hurts the team’s score, as does arriving too late. The team is scored on how closely to the correct time they arrive. The route is carefully charted to cover lightly-traveled terrain with breath-taking views. Of course, there are prizes at the end – but as participants discover – the journey is really the destination!

All Details Taken Care of

No special vehicle preparation is required. Cougar Motorsport takes care of all details including :

  • Government and police approvals
  • Safety gear including first aid kits, helmets and emergency rations
  • Service and recovery back-up
  • Medical officer, ambulance on duty