Testimonials 2020

Excellent idea. Great conception of ideas for excellent stay/ food and drive experience. Enjoyed thoroughly.
Dr. M Subrahmanyam

Excellent Planning. Meticulous attention to duty. Shashank-Touched by his ability to go beyond the calling of his duty.
Dr. M Pranathi S

Excellent experience.
P. Manohar Reddy

Were very polite, attentive and guiding us about every next days programme, Need to give upgraded accomodation and food in future journeys.

The accomodation in two places were below expectations- amenities /cleanliness were very poor.Food again in two places were not upto the mark.The lead instructor is excellent-Top Marks!! The overall experience is super!
Madhu Poomalil

Both instructors were excellent! Patient, all details were given utmost importance, excellent driving instructions. Overall experience was amazing thanks to two of them.
Mookoni Prameela

Mr. Ashish & Shashank are extremely well. Hats off to both.
V V Ramana

It was an excellent unique experience with expert guidance, patience, diligence. I applaud their effort to accommodate all in the drive and in this exciting journey.
Ramanivas Kirti

Testimonials 2019

Awesome experience! Great team!
Loved the Journey! Looking forward to more adventurous trips.
Manisha Gill
Land Rover Discovery HSC Si6

I missed crossing the river in this trip.
Navneet Singh
Land Rover Discovery HSC Si6

Such kind of Journeys should never end and should be organized quite often. Fantastic experience overall. Thank you.
Shewta Mehta

Excellent team performance & once in a lifetime like experience.
Saurabh Gupta
Range Rover HSE

It was amazing.
Bhavik Mehta

I was expecting more serious off-roading. Otherwise got all kind of terrain to experience and appreciate the capability of Range Rover. Excellent!
Jagat Mohan Aggarwal
Range Rover Vogue