We had a terrific time. Probably the most enjoyable and sociable rally, The Desert Dash and the excursion, The Himalayan Dash, ever.A well thought out route, selected group of very pleasant like minded people, and experiencing the sheer breadth of territory covering the country side by day and bedding down in the heritage palaces at night with a memorable distillation of Essence of India. Just loved the camaraderie within the group, the positive mood and the sheer enthusiasm.We cannot think of anything that would have been improved on.
The organisation, Cougar Motorsports, the route, palatial accommodation, fun activities, food, wine and everything, more than exceeded our expectation. In short, it was always a great rally / excursion, superb company, amazing hotels, marvellous terrain and organised and planned meticulously by Mr. Ashish Gupta with superb attention to details, unfailing charm and helpfulness.