Himalayan Dash is an adventure, an expedition, a journey, that uplifts your soul, challenges your spirit and puts you through one of the toughest tests of your life. It can daunt the most undaunted amongst us. Simply speaking it is a mind game, a real test of your nervesā€¦. And, full credit to Ashish and his team for preparing you for this wonderful experience. Every painstaking detail is meticulously planned in the most professional manner possibleā€¦. the drive itself is leisurely, yet so tough; picturesque, yet so demanding; breath-taking, yet so treacherous.The Cougar Team serves you this must-do experience in a silver platter; with the best stays possible in the Himalayan country and unimaginable luxury in arguably some of the toughest terrains of the world. The team delivers beyond your expectations and delights you with their service in every possible eventuality, be it a medical emergency, a vehicle breakdown at the Khardungla Pass, or any unforeseen surprises that may come up in such an adventurous journey.